We are a company located in Miami Florida United States. We have been in the water business and a member of Water Quality Association for more than 15 years. We keep a large inventory in stock to provide our clients with everything they need. We sell only top quality products. We strive for excellent customer service, most of our orders are shipped same day.

We have some of the biggest brands on the market such as: Toray® Reverse Osmosis Membranes, CSM® Reverse Osmosis Membranes, Hydranautics® Reverse Osmosis Membranes , Lg Chem® Reverse Osmosis Membranes,Goulds Pumps®, CAT Pumps®, Procon Pumps®, Purolite® Resin, Resintech® Resin, Matrikx® Carbon Block, Viqua® Sterilight® Uv Systems, Clack® Valves. Everything you need and much more!!