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Brackets and Clips

Mounting Brackets

ItemFor HousingType
B1-101014W, 1014C, 1038B, 1012W, 1012C, 1034B, 1034C, XL12B, XL34B, XL34CSingle
B2-101014W, 1014C, 1038B, 1012W, 1012CDouble
B3-101014W, 1014C, 1038B, 1012W, 1012CTriple
B3-RO1014W or 1014C and RO pumpTriple
B2-XL1034B, 1034C, XL12B, XL34B, XL34CDouble
B3-XL1034B, 1034C, XL12B, XL34B, XL34CTriple
B1-JUJUMBO, BB-10, BB-15Single
B2-BBJUMBO, BB-10, BB-15Double
B3-BBJUMBO, BB-10, BB-15Triple

Plastic Clips

ItemFor HousingType
C1 ILIn-line filterSingle
C1 RORO housingSingle
C2 ILIn-line filterDouble
C2 IL-ROIn-line filter and RO housingDouble
C2 RORO housingDouble

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