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Water Filter Housings

Housings for Water Filters

Standard cartridge filters require a Water Filter Housings for proper operation. On our site you can find a wide variety of housings, in different sizes and colors, all of excellent quality and adapted to the quality standards required by the FDA and NSF.

The Water Filter Housings that we have at your disposal are: Standard RO housing, Standard housing, Reinforced with pressure cap release and High flow with pressure cap release. All our Housings for Water Filters are available on our site, you can contact us for better advice and acquire the one indicated for you.


Choose a Filter Housing you need:

Water Filter Housings
ItemDescriptionFilter SizePort sizeColor
ROStandard RO housingRO membrane⅛"White
1014WStandard housing2.5” x 10”¼”White
1014CStandard housing2.5” x 10”¼”Clear
1038BStandard housing2.5” x 10”⅜"Blue
1012WStandard housing2.5” x 10”½”White
1012CStandard housing2.5” x 10”½”Clear
1034BReinforced with pressure cap release2.5” x 10”¾”Blue
1034CReinforced with pressure cap release2.5” x 10”¾”Clear
XL12BReinforced with pressure cap release2.5” x 20”½”Blue
XL34BReinforced with pressure cap release2.5” x 20”¾”Blue
XL34CReinforced with pressure cap release2.5” x 20”¾”Clear
JUMBOHigh flow with pressure cap release4.5” x 10”1”Blue
BB-10High flow with pressure cap release4.5” x 20”1”Blue
BB-15High flow with pressure cap release4.5” x 20”1 ½”Blue

Mounting Brackets and Clips

ItemFor HousingType
B1-101014W, 1014C, 1038B, 1012W, 1012C, 1034B, 1034C, XL12B, XL34B, XL34CSingle
B2-101014W, 1014C, 1038B, 1012W, 1012CDouble
B3-101014W, 1014C, 1038B, 1012W, 1012CTriple
B3-RO1014W or 1014C and RO pumpTriple
B2-XL1034B, 1034C, XL12B, XL34B, XL34CDouble
B3-XL1034B, 1034C, XL12B, XL34B, XL34CTriple
B1-JUJUMBO, BB-10, BB-15Single
B2-BBJUMBO, BB-10, BB-15Double
B3-BBJUMBO, BB-10, BB-15Triple

Opening Wrench

ItemFor Housing
W 101014W, 1014C, 1038B, 1012W, 1012C
W XL1034B, 1034C, XL12B, XL34B, XL34C

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