Booster pump

Stainless steel pressure vessels

Low energy 4″ x 40″ membranes

Control panel

Digital conductivity monitor with high TDS level alarm

1-micron prefilter

Stainless steel electrovalve for supply

Low pressure switch pump cut-off and alarm

Flow control valve

Pressure gauges

Flowmeters for permeate
(and concentrate on units 10,000gpd and up)

Stainless steel regulator valve

Auto Fast Flush cycle programmable

Ready to be controlled by a level switch

Ready for external lockout (by a filter or a softener)

Ready for remote operation

Item PartCapacityMembranesPumpPower Supply options
DERO-Pr12,000 GPD1Procon®115-230 V / 50-60 Hz
DERO-Pr24,000 GPD2Procon®115-230 V / 50-60 Hz
DERO-G12,000 GPD1Multistage220V / 60 Hz Single phase
DERO-G24,000 GPD2Multistage220V / 60 Hz Single phase
DERO-G36,000 GPD3Multistage220V / 60 Hz Single phase
DERO-G48,000 GPD4Multistage220V / 60 Hz Single phase
DERO-G510,000 GPD5Multistage220V Single phase or Triphase (380V Triphase also available)
DERO-G820,000 GPD8Multistage220V Single phase or Triphase (380V Triphase also available)

Ask for machines 110V, any capacity

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