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Reverse Osmosis Membrane TORAY

Reverse Osmosis Membrane TORAY


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Reverse Osmosis Membrane TORAY is literally a water filtration system that works through the use of pressure. With the force of this pressure, the water is led through a semi-permeable membrane, from a less concentrated solution to a more saline solution to balance the concentrations. Thus, the separation of pure water from any contaminant occurs. Some elements that water contains, such as lead, chlorine or possible viruses and bacteria, are totally eliminated.

Therefore, we can say that it is the most effective and natural water purification process. Hence it is so well known and, above all, so used.

How does the Reverse Osmosis Membrane TORAY process work?

In short, the water is driven by a membrane, which is responsible for filtering the pure molecules of that water. This water, already disinfected, reaches the tank to be consumed. The excess water and all its particles are discharged down the drain.

However, this process involves a number of different filters and elements that are essential for the effectiveness of disinfection:

  • Sediment filter: retains particles in suspension so that they do not become consumed or deteriorate the membrane and the rest of the equipment.
  • Pressed Carbon Filter – Removes chlorine from the water and chemicals that can cause a bad taste or odor. In addition, it protects the membrane from perforations caused by chlorine.
  • Granulated carbon filter: continue with the filtration process to achieve the purest possible water.
  • Osmosis membrane: contains the most sophisticated filtering elements, through which all harmful compounds are removed.
  • Remineralizing filter: eliminates residual taste.
  • Accumulator: the water ready to be consumed reaches here.

Benefits of home Reverse Osmosis

Based on what we have explained, it is very easy to find out the virtues of Reverse Osmosis Membrane TORAY.

As no chemical active is involved in the whole process, it is a very respectful system with the environment. In addition, for the equipment to work, minimal energy consumption is required, so we save while contributing ecologically.

It also saves on space, unlike with other water treatment systems. Being compact equipment, we do not need much space to enjoy it. And, in addition, its maintenance is low due to its modular design.

But, without a doubt, if we have to highlight one advantage of Reverse Osmosis above all else, it is: health. Thanks to all its meticulous filtering process, we are able to obtain totally pure water. Some people with pathologies such as hypertension or liver diseases can benefit from the elimination of sodium in the water.

Also, water as treated as this is of great help for people suffering from cancer. During chemotherapy or radiotherapy treatments, the immune system is weakened, so it is essential to avoid any presence of microorganisms or bacteria in the water to be consumed.

How to install a Reverse Osmosis equipment at home

The installation of this system could not be easier and beneficial for the home. With the help of an installer, just follow these steps:

  • Place the osmosis tap: depending on the space we have available in the kitchen sink, we will choose one location or another. It’s up to you.
  • Place the drain: it is important to measure well the diameter of the osmosis equipment drain, which will go next to the sink.
  • Assemble the filters: it is essential to do it with gloves, since they are sterilized at the factory. First we start with the installation of the sediment filter. Next, with that of granulated carbon and, finally, that of compact carbon. Once assembled, you just have to fix the assembly well with a wrench.
  • Connect the water circuit to the membrane container: loosen the container layer and place the semi-permeable membrane.

Communicate the membrane with the accumulator: a post-filter is connected to the osmosis tap through a tube. It is also necessary to use two other pipes for the drain and to link the water inlet from the network to the Reverse Osmosis equipment.

Item PartStagesCapacityTank & FaucetPumpOthers
RO4T-50450 gpdYesNo80 or 100 gpd also available
RO4T-50-UV550 gpdYesNoUV sterilizer
RO4T-100P4100 gpdYesYes
RO5T-50550 gpdYesNo80 gpd also available
RO5T-50-UV650 gpdYesNoUV sterilizer
RO5T-1005100 gpdYesNo
RO5T-100-UV6100 gpdYesNoUV sterilizer
RO5T-100P5100 gpdYesYes150 gpd also available
RO5T-1505150 gpdYesNo
RO5T-150-UV6150 gpdYesNoUV sterilizer
RO4-2004200 gpdNoNo20” prefilters
RO5-3005300 gpdNoNo20” prefilters
RO5-300P5300 gpdNoYes20” prefilters
RO5-600P5600 gpdNoYes20” prefilters

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