Toray® Membranes


Item PartSizeFlow Rate (GPD)ExtrasData Sheet
TMG-10D4.0” x 40”2,650RO Low PressureView
TM-710D4.0” x 40”2,600RO High PressureView
TMRO-4040HS4.0” x 40”1,975RO Heat SanitizableView
TM-810V4.0” x 40”1,900RO Sea WaterView
TMG-20D-4008.0” x 40”12,100RO Low PressureView
TM-720D-4008.0” x 40”11,000RO High PressureView
TMRO-8040HS8.0” x 40”9,000RO Heat SanitizableView
TM-820V-4008.0” x 40”9,000RO Sea WaterView
TM-820V-4408.0” x 40”9,900RO Sea WaterView
NE-4040-404.0” x 40”2,100Nanofiltration High ProductivityView
NE-4040-904.0” x 40”1,700Nanofiltration Normal GradeView

Hydranautics Membranes

Item PartSizeFlow Rate (GPD)ExtrasData Sheet
ESPA1-40404.0” x 40”2,450Low PressureView
ESPA2-40404.0” x 40”2,000Low PressureView
ESPA3-40404.0” x 40”3,000Low PressureView
CPA2-40404.0” x 40”2,250High PressureView
ESPA2-80408.0” x 40”10,000Low PressureView
ESPA2-8040M8.0” x 40”12,000Low PressureView

CSM® Residential and Light Commercial Membranes

Item PartSizeFlow Rate (GPD)CharacteristicsData Sheet
MB-251.8” x 12”24View
MB-501.8” x 12”50NSF CertifiedView
MB-801.8” x 12”80NSF CertifiedView
MB-1002.0” x 12”100View
MB-1502.0” x 12”150Low PressureView
MB-25212.5” x 21”400High PressureView
MB-2521BLN2.5” x 21”400Low PressureView
MB-2521SW2.5” x 21”300Sea WaterView
MB-25402.5” x 40”930High pressureView
MB-2540BLN2.5” x 40”930Low pressureView
MB-2540SW2.5” x 40”560Sea WaterView
MB-4021BLN4.0” x 21”1,200Low pressureView
MB-40214.0” x 21”1,200High pressureView
MB-4040BLN4.0” x 40”2,600Low Pressure, NSF CertifiedView
MB-4040BE4.0” x 40”2,400High Pressure, NSF CertifiedView

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