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What is a Reverse Osmosis Vessel?

A Pressure Vessel is a device shaped like a tube, which contains the elements of the Reverse Osmosis Membrane. For spirally wound elements, the Pressure Vessel is often referred to as a pressure tube and can hold up to six reverse osmosis membrane elements.


Vessels for Reverse Osmosis

SS Pressure Vessels

Seamless  |  Surface polished stainless steel

Item PartMembrane SizeInlet PortPermeate PortConcentrate Port
V25212.5” x 21”⅜"¼”⅜"
V25402.5” x 40”⅜"¼”⅜"
V40214.0” x 21”½”½”½”
V40404.0” x 40”½”½”½”
reverse osmosis pressure vessel

FRP Pressure Vessels

Available from 300 psi to 1000 psi | For 1 to 6 elements

Item PartDescriptionPortPort SizeDrawings
V2521-SW2.5”x21” for 1000 psiEND¼”View
V2540-SW2.5”x40” for 1000 psiEND¼”View
V4040-FRP4.0”x40” for 300 psiEND½”View
V4040-SW4.0”x40” for 1000 psiEND½” – ¾”View
V4080-FRP4.0”x40” for 2 elements, 300 psiEND½” – ¾”View
V40120-FRP4.0”x40” for 3 elements, 300 psiEND½” – ¾”View
V8040-FRP8.0”x40” for 1 elements, 300 psiEND1” NPTFView
V8080-FRP8.0”x40” for 2 elements, 300 psiSIDE1” NPTFView
V80120-FRP8.0”x40” for 3 elements, 300 psiSIDE1” NPTFView
V80160-FRP8.0”x40” for 4 elements, 300 psiSIDE1” NPTFView
V80200-FRP8.0”x40” for 5 elements, 300 psiSIDE1” NPTFView
V80240-FRP8.0”x40” for 6 elements, 300 psiSIDE1” NPTFView
1000 psi vessels also available on other sizes


Item PartDescription
VC-1.5SS coupling 1.5”
VC-2Vitaulic coupling 2”

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