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reverse osmosis accessories

RO Booster Pump

Item Part: PUMP

* 0.48 GPM open flow

* 36 VDC – 0.22 AMP

” connection

* 100 psi pressure

* Transformer included: 110V or 220V

Pressure Tank

TK-32P: plastic tank with 3.2 gal. capacity, NSF certified

TK-32: metal tank with 3.2 gal. capacity, NSF certified

TK-22C: metal tank, compact, with 2.2 gal. capacity, NSF certified

Shut Off Valve

Item Part: SOV

Plastic shut-off valve with ¼” quick fitting

Drain Clamp

Item Part: DRIAN

* Plastic clamp

* Includes accessories for installation on pipe

* ¼” tube connection with compression fitting

Flow Restrictors

Capillary type, with quick fitting

AQF FR 76: 76 GPD (250ml/min)

AQF FR 115: 115 GPD (420ml/min)

AQF FR 200: 200 GPD (550ml/min)

AQF FR 300: 300 GPD (800ml/min)

Check Valve

AQF CHK 1814MT: elbow check valve for ” thread connection to ¼” tube quick fitting

AQF CHK 14T: straight tube to tube quick fitting connection for ¼” tube

Solenoid Valve


* Normally closed

* 24V or 100V

* ¼” female thread

Tank Shut-Off Valve

Pressure tank ball valve with quick fitting, available as:

AQF HV 1414FT: for PE tube ¼”

AQF HV 1438FT: for PE tube

Level Control Valve

FLOAT: Plastic mechanical float valve, ¼” feed tube connection

FLOAT-EL: Electric level control valve, plastic

Pressure Switch

For Booster Pump

Item SW-LP: Low pressure switch with ¼” quick fitting

Item SW-HP: High pressure switch with ¼” quick fittings

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