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Gould pumps




Centrifugal pump design permits variable flow capacity

Iron cast or stainless steel version available

1” NPT pipe connection (suction and discharge)

Single phase (115/230 V), three-phase (208-230 V; 3 HP: 230 V), or three-phase (208- 230/460 V)

60 Hz, 3500 RPM

Max suction pressure: 75 psi

Max liquid temperature: 160 ºF (71 ºC)

Item PartBodyHP RatingFlow (GPM)Power
7GBC1014R0Iron Cast1 HP71 PH
10GBC1514Q0Iron Cast1.5 HP101 PH
25GBC3014P0Iron Cast3 HP251 PH
7GBS1017R4Stainless steel1 HP73 PH, 208-230/460 V)
10GBS1517Q4Stainless steel1.5 HP103 PH, 208-230/460 V)
18GBS2017N4Stainless steel2 HP183 PH, 208-230/460 V)
25GBS3017P4Stainless steel3 HP253 PH, 208-230/460 V)
33GBS5017U4Stainless steel5 HP333 PH, 208-230/460 V)

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Non self-priming vertical multistage centrifugal pump

All metal parts in contact with the liquid are made of stainless steel

Available up to 725 GPM

Single phase 115/108-230 V (5 HP: 208-230 V only), or three-phase (208-230/460 V)

60 Hz, 3500 RPM

Liquid temperature: -20 – 250 ºF (-30 – 120 ºC)

Item PartBodyHP RatingNominal FlowPortPower
10SV8FC30304 SS¾ - 20 HP50 GPM2” flange in-line3 PH 208-230/460 V
10SV10RC30304 SS¾ - 20 HP50 GPM2” flange top/bottom3 PH 208-230/460 V

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Compact design has an integral shallow well jet built into the casing, which eliminates the need for a separate shallow well adapter
1 ¼” pipe connection on suction, and 1” on discharge
60 Hz, 3500 RPM
Single phase 115/230 V


  • ½ HP (item JRS5)
  • ¾ HP (item JRS7)
  • 1 HP (item JRS10 and J10S)
  • 1 ½ HP (item J15S)

AS4 pressure switch
Stainless steel shaft
Max. temperature: 140 ºF

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Convertible: Designed for use on shallow or deep well applications using appropriate fittings
High Capacity and Pressure
NSF 61 Certified: Ensuring safety when used in drinking water systems
Stainless Steel Pump Shaft, Corrosion Resistant
Powered for Continuous Operation
Pipe connections: 1¼” NPT suction, 1″ NPT discharge, 1″ NPT drive (pressure)
Pressure switch: ¾ – 1½ HP, AS4; 2 HP, AS10, both preset (30-50 PSI)
230V, Single Phase, 2HP, 60 Hz, 3500 RPM


  • 2 HP (item HSJ20N), 3 stages

Max. temperature: 140 ºF

Basic Pump Unit: Includes pump, motor, pressure switch, tubing, fittings, pressure gauge and bushing

Shallow Well Package: Includes adapter, nozzle, venturi, bolts, gasket and pipe plugs

Deep Well Jet Assembly Package: Twin Pipe includes: jet body, nozzle, venturi and foot valve. Packer includes: jet body with built-in check valve, nozzle and venturi


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Residential Self-priming design
Field Serviceable FDA Compliant Impeller
Electro-Coat paint process for corrosion resistance
Powered for Continuous Operation
1½” NPT Suction and Discharge connections
From 3/4 HP up to 3 HP
Tri-Phase, 60 Hz (Single phase available), 3500 RPM


  • 2 HP (item GT203)
  • 3 HP (item GT303)

Max. temperature: 160 ºF


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